Celestial Elements SHAMPOO BARS


Made with 100% natural, pure ingredients, using the cold processed method and 100% pure essential oils for scent.  If you haven’t tried shampoo bars yet, there are several reasons to switch from traditional liquid shampoo to shampoo bars.  Whether it is for environmental reasons (no plastic bottle to discard) or saving space, we hope you find our bars to give your hair the life and lustre you desire.  You can also use these shampoo bars as a body bar so they’re great for travel.


The base ingredients are Olive, Coconut, Castor, Jojoba, Apricot Kernel oils, so shampoo bars include a lot of soft oils, which render a soft bar.  We do suggest giving your bar its own soap dish and avoid leaving it in a pool of water as it will muck up.  It will last longer if allowed to stay dry longer.

$6.50 each

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